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New single "Before I Die" out Feb 12th! 

I'm so excited that my new single “Before I Die” comes out Feb 12th! I collaborated on this track with the “tape guy” of LA Gus Seyffert (Bedouine, Roger Waters), a really talented player/producer/mixer who specializes in analog recordings. 

I wanted this track to feel vintage and contemporary all at once, leaning into the early 70’s Joni Mitchell vibe with a little taste of psych/folk. My small-town Canadian mountain roots have given me a lifetime of listening to and adoring my folk idols and this song is an ode to them. 



New Justine Bennett psych-folk track "For All of Time" out September 25th 

For her forthcoming EP “For All of Time”, Justine has teamed up with Producer Gus Seyffert (Bedouine, Roger Waters). Well known for recording songs live to tape, Gus is a master at creating that sonically warm analog sound that vinyl lovers crave. Together they have captured this new collection of tunes in their truest form with raw lushness and soaring psych-folk arrangements.  

Fans of Joni Mitchell, Bedouine, Nick Drake & Karen Dalton are sure to resonate with these new works. Her single “For all of time” comes out September 25th.

The Echo in the Canyon documentary is finally being released in theaters and is making the festival circuit! 

We have a bunch of fun shows and screenings coming up for the side project I'm in called Echo in the Canyon. 

A little bit about it:

The songs that reverberated from Laurel Canyon in the ’60s remain some of the greatest achievements in rock history. Celebrating 50 years since musicians migrated to the West Coast spot, musician Jakob Dylan takes to the stage, presenting new renditions of classic songs. With performances by Fiona Apple, Beck, and Regina Spektor, accompanied by interviews with Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr, David Crosby, Michelle Phillips, and Tom Petty, the film offers a first-hand account of the scene and the talent that continues to inspire musicians today.

April 20th- SF Film festival - Live performance to follow the screening. More info and tickets here!

April 25th- Asbury Park Music & Film Festival- Live performance to follow the screening. More info and tickets here




Echo in the Canyon- featuring Jakob Dylan, Beck, Fiona Apple, Jade Castrinos, Regina Spektor & Cat Power 

Monday night was incredible. For one night I felt like it was 1965, a year I'm sure I would have enjoyed had I been alive. Our all star band did renditions of many lesser known classic songs from that era including Buffalo Springfields "Expecting to fly" and the beautifully haunting Beach Boys song "I guess I just wasn't made for these times". What an honor it was to be in the mix.

Phantom Tortoise's song "I"ll Take You" to be featured on the ABC hit show "Pretty Little Liars"  

Brendan and I got some great news this week. Our duet "I'll take you" from our debut album Phantom Tortoise, will be featured on the ABC hit show "Pretty Little Liars". The episode 319 will air on 2/12/2013. We'll keep you posted as the time comes closer.

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